The Leap in Race Horse Mortality — Arthur Firstenberg is onto something, Again — Why are all those racehorses dropping dead at Churchill Downs? Because, since April 29, they’ve all been wearing powerful WIRELESS monitors (called “STRIDESafe”)

Featured Image: Lost in Limbo, Murdered by Microwaves




by Arthur Firstenberg

Racehorses are among the most finely tuned, exquisitely sensitive creatures on earth. So what happens when you give them all cell phones to wear during a race? They start dropping like… well, horses.

That is exactly what started happening this spring at Churchill Downs in Louisville, home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs hosts three “meets” every year during which there are horse races four to five days a week — a spring meet lasting all of May and June; a September meet; and a fall meet throughout November. The spring meet this year at the Downs began on April 29 and was to continue until July 3. And beginning on April 29, and in every race on every day thereafter, every horse was fitted with a device they had never worn before. It is a wireless device, shaped like an iPhone, that fits into the cloth underneath the saddle on the horse’s back. Horses also began wearing these devices this spring during morning workouts.

This STRIDESafe device monitors the horse’s movements 2,400 times per second throughout the race, sending 2,400 pulses of radio frequency (RF) radiation every second through the body of the horse. It also contains a GPS component that communicates with global positioning satellites. It also communicates with the RFID chip implanted in the left side of every horse’s neck, ensuring that the chip also emits radiation throughout the race. And because every racehorse wears horseshoes made of aluminum, which is one of the best conductors, the frequencies that are conducted from both the STRIDESafe device and the RFID chip throughout the horse’s body are absorbed and reradiated by its four shoes. Each horse, then, carries not one but six continuously radiating antennas throughout each race at Churchill Downs. So with 14 horses normally competing in each race, there are 84 antennas among animals in close proximity to one another running around the track.

And on April 29, 2023, horses racing at Churchill Downs began to die during races or suffer such severe injuries during races that they were euthanized. So many horses have died this spring that on June 2 it was announced that the spring meet at the Downs would be suspended as of June 10. Officials at Churchill Downs are panicked because horses racing there have died in much larger numbers this spring than ever before. In 2022, nationwide, about 1.25 deaths occurred for every 1,000 horses starting at the gate. But since April 29, 2023, 12 deaths have occurred among just 1,600 starts at Churchill Downs, a sudden and unprecedented 8-fold increase in racehorse mortality.

Officials have carefully inspected the track and every part of the racing grounds and have found no change in any part of it from previous meets, and no reason for horses to be more prone to injury or collapse. But they have the same blind spot as the rest of society: they treat wireless devices, and the radiation they emit, as if they do not exist.

The horse named Parents Pride simply collapsed and died for no apparent reason during a race on April 29. No drugs were found in her system, and no poisons. She was running normally before the race. No abnormalities were found in her heart, brain or lungs.

Code of Kings “flipped” and broke his neck in the paddock just prior to a race and was euthanized, also on April 29. The paddock, also called the parade ring, is where horses are paraded before a race so the racegoers can get a good look at them.

Take Charge Briana suffered catastrophic damage to her right foreleg during a race on May 2 and was euthanized.

Chasing Artie completed his race on May 2 and then collapsed and died on his way to the unsaddling area, for no apparent reason.

Chloe’s Dream suffered a “catastrophic injury” to his right knee during a race on Derby Day, May 6, and was euthanized.

Freezing Point fractured his left forelimb during a race on Derby Day, May 6, and was euthanized. His jockey said that he was not bumped during the race and that the track was in good condition.

Bosque Redondo finished his race on May 13 but was taken away in a horse ambulance and was euthanized due to unspecified injuries.

Rio Moon was at the finish line of a race on May 14 when he suffered a “catastrophic injury” to his left foreleg and then was euthanized.

Swanson Lake finished his race on May 20 but was immediately taken to a veterinarian where he was euthanized because of a “significant injury” to his left hind leg.

Lost in Limbo, the horse pictured at the top of this newsletter, was removed from the track near the finish of a race on May 26. He had crashed nose-first on the track and lay heaving in the dirt. He was so jittery even before the race that he threw his jockey before it started and bolted. After the race a veterinarian found a “significant injury” to his left front leg and he was euthanized.

Kimberley Dream ruptured a ligament in her left front leg during a race on May 27 and was euthanized.

And two days before the spring meet began, while training on the racetrack on April 27, Wild on Ice broke his left hind leg and was euthanized.

We have known for decades that horses’ lives are shattered by radio waves. Hearings were held in Christchurch, New Zealand, and racehorse trainer Penny Hargreaves spoke out in an interview published in 1998. An FM radio tower in Ouruhia had had such devastating effects on her 90 horses that she was forced to relocate them to a different part of Canterbury. All her horses were affected, some more than others, and two died.

“They were very nervous and jumpy,” she said. “They all seemed to have sore feet. Horses who had travelled by trailer for years were losing balance while travelling. We have several hot spots around our yard where the horses become very volatile and hurt themselves and us. 

“Our very valuable colt had serious health problems and walked as if his feet hurt. He could not bear to be shod. We had many vets look at him to try and solve his problems, but without any satisfactory answers. We finally turned him out in a paddock which has a large hay barn and trees between him and the tower. Within a month he had no problems at all. Back in his old yard, the problem returned.

“The blacksmith gave evidence at our hearing on the effect of the radio waves on our horses’ feet. The aluminum conducts electricity and their feet had changed shape, had huge cracks where the nails went and were very sensitive inside. 

“We had weekly problems with infections we have never had before, our vet bills were horrendous.”

Nervous and jumpy racehorses with sore feet and lack of coordination. Exactly what has been happening at Churchill Downs during the spring meet this year.

When I learned what was happening at Churchill Downs this spring I sent an email to Dr. Jennifer Durenberger, suggesting to her that the STRIDESafe devices, which have been deployed at Churchill Downs for the safety of the horses, are instead killing them. She has not responded. Dr. Durenberger, a veterinarian, is the Director of Equine Safety & Welfare at the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA). She has been leading a review of the records of the horses that died.

If you are a veterinarian or have experience with horses and would like to help, please send me an email to arthur@cellphonetaskforce.orgThis is an opportunity, if we can get Churchill Downs, HISA, and the owners of the racehorses that run in the Kentucky Derby to acknowledge what is happening and get rid of these new wireless devices — an opportunity to educate the rest of the world as well and catalyze a change of direction for us all.

Arthur Firstenberg
Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
Administrator, International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
Caretaker, ECHOEarth (End Cellphones Here On Earth)
P.O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
phone: +1 505-471-0129
June 8, 2023 




Choicest comments from article —

Shirley Guertin

Jun 10, 2023

To answer your question re vaccination in horses- HOrses are highly vaccinated. Very likely more than any other animal. Equestrian Canada, governing body in Canada for horse sports (not racing), mandates certain vaccines within 6 months to compete. EC takes its directives from the FEI (International Federation of Equestrians). HOrse people love their vaccines,and just cannot see the harms they are causing. Yearly they get tetanus, rhino, flu, EEE/WEE, West Nile, rabies- (rabies is law in ONtario). In addition they get Potomac, strangles, botulism. This is for their entire life – YEARLY. Flu and rhino often get given an additional 1 or 2 times per year. Shots are usually given in the spring and fall. And horse owners wonder why their horses get sick, more die, at that time of year! (As an aside, I was surprised how quickly and thoroughly the majority of horse owners adapted to the covid mandates – lockdowns etc. But then, not to wonder, already, so many keep their horses in individual stalls, get turned outdoors into individual paddocks. The poor horses never get to even touch another horse, ever. These animals are in permanent lockdown.)

RE vaxx’d pets —

Exactly.. I think repeated vaccinations for pets are a moneymaking racket and authority figures use FEAR to push people to do it.

Our pets are getting diseases like diabetes, lymphomas, leukemias, skin cancers, intestinal disorders, allergies, etc..that humans get–and it seems to be happening more now than ever before. Instead of pets being healthier with all of our new technology, wide array of vaccines, meds, foods, etc..they are getting more diseases. Sadly no “health agencies” want to figure out the reasons… I guess because there is no profit in healthy humans and healthy pets.

The holistic Veternary Drs are hard to find and many cities and states demand that pets get every vaccine available.

An old country vet told me many years ago that pets that live indoors and rarely come in contact with wild animals do not need all these vaccines. A quote from one of these links:

““The recommendation for annual re-vaccination is a practice that was officially started in 1978.” said Dr Schultz. This recommendation was made without any scientific validation of the need to booster immunity so frequently. In fact the presence of good humoral antibody levels blocks the anamnestic response to vaccine boosters just as maternal antibody blocks the response in some young animals. He added: “The patient receives no benefit and may be placed at serious risk when an unnecessary vaccine is given. Few or no scientific studies have demonstrated a need for cats or dogs to be revaccinated.”

vaccines such as flu are mandatory if you want to compete in affiliated competitions. the flu used to be a yearly shot but they changed it to 6 monthly a few years back. tetanus is a horrific disease for horses so lots of owners get that vaccination’s usually combined together with the flu shot…it can be difficult to source the tetanus shot on its own. also when mares are pregnant there are vaccines recommended to prevent abortion. i used to give my horses all those shots to compete and also for fear that they’d step on a nail and get tetanus…i’ve never had any bad reactions from them but in recent years i’ve stopped all shots and they’re doing just fine. (i don’t compete anymore)…regarding tetanus, if any serious injury occurs, they can get a shot at that time which will help prevent tetanus occur as it take 3 weeks for the bacteria to build up…and because i don’t trust shots anymore for myself, i’m definitely not trusting shots for my animals either

My horses have had reactions from shots. One horse reacted very badly to the Tetanus/encephalitis combo. Package insert for flu and rhino shots say it’s only effective for 4 months, so during my vaccination-days my horses would get that shot 3 times a year. To compete in Canada, according to rule book you need a flu and a rhino shot within 6 months. Vets will make you believe that it’s difficult to find single vaccines, but I never had a problem. The shot that they can give if a puncture wound and there is danger of tetanus is the antitoxin, which is different from the vaccine. it has its own problems as well at times. I am the true definition of an ex-vaxxer – i used to vaccinate my herd a lot, then very little, now not at all. They have been much healthier as a result

I have horses. I no longer vax any of them including my dogs and cats. No more toxic poison in my any of my animals.

High frequency, millimeter waves are also why bee and other insect populations are crashing everywhere. The areas around these towers and facilities become dead zones. The death cult that now rules the planet, of course, couldn’t care less about any of this as long is this tech facilitates their total domination of everything.

Even trees facing the tech start degrading from oxygen deprivation & radiation poisoning. In Sweden they cut down every tree in a certain village bc it blocked the mmw efficiency. Nothing live in this radiated atmosphere. The ladybugs are also dying off. Only orang are what I’ve been seeing last few yrs which makes me curious if those are gmo since they are the ugliest. My dad used to bring a gunny sack of lady bugs to put into crops when I was a kid. Most fascinating rainbow of tiny beauty I’ve ever seen!! Colors no one would believe. Funny, no orange that I can remember as a kid. When the bees started dying, I knew. (We always kept a hive as well, never any death)

I don’t know where your from but the lady bugs in Texas have always been a reddish orange color with various amounts of black spotting. I live in a pretty rural area with no 5G coverage (its miles away from me) and it is obvious to me that the insects and spiders that depend on them are in steep decline here. We have a very large circular web making spider here everyone calls the zig zag spider because of the pattern in the middle of the web. These black and yellow spiders are 3 inches or more across sometimes. They are disappearing in tandem with most of the larger insects here like grasshoppers, etc. that they depend on to live. It makes me very sad. I especially love these spiders! We still have bees here but the numbers are clearly down. The huge native bumble bees that used to, delightfully, literally weigh down flower stalks here with their large numbers are now becoming a rare sight.

I’m in true northern calif, 2 hrs north of Sacramento, 4 hr south of OR border. I don’t know your age, I’m well over 60 & like I said, my dad brought home a damp gunny sack full of lady bugs to put on all our fruit trees to milo to the garden. The colors were spectacular. Bright green, dark red, bright yellow. Very few dull orange. They all have black markings. He worked for CA Dept Fish & Game so he knew ppl across 7 northern counties. No ddt or other pesticides since the weed killer he used was us 6 kids. We raised our own beef, lamb, pork & chickens, wild game up the kazoo. Our little farm was 7 acres off the Sacramento River. We canned all summer & froze the meat. My older bro’s bbq’ed t-bones for after school snacks before dinner, cuz growing boys. We also had the only walk in cold box in the area w/full butcher set up. It was a cycle of life that was irreplaceable from the nonsense of how kids are raised today. Progress isn’t what they actually tell us it is. My mother ran the home like a military general & my dad was the King. I was entering home made baked goods in the adult division at our fair at age 11 & winning blue ribbons. (Only girl) pHe made horse shoes and was a ferrier when young. The horse shoes being wifi conductors made me sick to my stomach. You didn’t ask for all that extraneous info, but it is just more relevant info so show just how dreadful these destructive greedy bastards have been in a short time. ❤️

flying insects have dropped worldwide. There is a confluence of effects from GMO crops that create pesticide, direct pesticide use, defoliation with glyphosate, artificial fertilizers, atmospheric spraying, and UVC reaching further down, some places reaching the surface. UVC is lethal to insects. Their environment is so polluted they don’t stand a chance.

The following says it all–for me, even making a lobotomy sound like a walk in the park: They might as well just execute them: “This STRIDESafe device monitors the horse’s movements 2,400 times per second throughout the race, sending 2,400 pulses of radio frequency (RF) radiation every second through the body of the horse. It also contains a GPS component that communicates with global positioning satellites. It also communicates with the RFID chip implanted in the left side of every horse’s neck, ensuring that the chip also emits radiation throughout the race. And because every racehorse wears horseshoes made of aluminum, which is one of the best conductors, the frequencies that are conducted from both the STRIDESafe device and the RFID chip throughout the horse’s body are absorbed and reradiated by its four shoes”. (Firstenberg)

Santa Anita in California has had the same problems and have had many horses drop dead. I was at first thinking about an mRNA jab of some sore. Remember when zoos began giving their animals — especially the ones considered to be “endangered species” animals (good idea, right?) — and now zoos are losing many animals. It’s difficult to find reports of how many animals zoos have lost. I remember reading about the San Diego Zoo being one of the first to give their animals Covid shots, and I heard about a few at first, but it’s difficult to find news stories about this. I think these zoo managers are getting a lesson in mRNA technology

Being from Kentucky and a “horsey” girl growing up, I am aware of the Thoroughbred world and these horses, which in some ways can be fragile. I also had thought of breeding techniques and possible genetic problems. I never thought of them placing electronic devices in/on horses and jockeys. That is a real possibility given the sensitivity of human/animal bodies to electromagnetic field radiation. Maybe these horses are ultra-sensitive to this. They should remove these devices and see if the situation improves — good way to find out if those are the cause.

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” (Revelation 6:8)

A brief search indicates they’re not getting the mRNA, but they get a host of others.

Sounds like RF is the culprit. In addition to the RF sensor they’re wearing, if there is ground current the aluminum shoes would act as a conductor, sending the current up one leg and down the other.

Ground current is a big issue with cows, too, even without the shoes.

“Many different problems associated with management and milking of dairy cows occur when relatively small currents of electricity pass through cow’s bodies. Producers are experiencing cow health problems and lowered milk production because of currents from “stray” voltages.”

Also shocking how many horses have died from doping…

I would urge people to watch this German experiment from 2017 demonstrating alarming brain effects from WLAN/WIFI and other electronic features of modern cars.:

And this brilliant video with Advice of The Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health:

7 May one of Denmark’s most brilliant musicians, Samuel Hejslet, died. He was crippled! by electro hyper sensitivity – which doctors had tried to treat with 12 electro shock treatments which obviously made it SO much worse – and it may have been suicide. He was pretty much already dead.

He is not the first to die in Dk. A few years ago, a little 5 yo girl with ehs died after a brain scan that made her brain swell. Her mother believed that she was ehs due to vaccine damage, but ADHD has skyrocketed in kids (incl. ‘kiddie coke’) since the roll out of wireless tech.

dead RACEHORSES AT CHURCHILL DOWNS, microwaves, blood poisonings, heart attack, microwave exposure, rouleaux formation, blood clotting

Racehorse Deaths

Racehorse fatalities at tracks like Churchill Downs and others have been a concern within the equine community and have prompted investigations and calls for reforms. The causes of such deaths are typically multifaceted, including factors like injuries sustained during racing or training, underlying health conditions, and occasionally, issues related to medication or doping. The racing industry and animal welfare organizations have been working to address these issues through improved safety measures, veterinary care, and regulations.

Microwave Exposure

Microwave radiation, a type of non-ionizing radiation used in various technologies (such as microwave ovens and some communication devices), has been studied for its potential health effects on humans and animals. While high levels of microwave exposure can cause thermal effects (heating of tissue), the typical environmental levels to which humans and animals are exposed are much lower than those required to cause immediate health effects. The scientific consensus to date does not support the idea that ambient microwave exposure at levels encountered in daily life causes the health conditions mentioned.

Blood Conditions in Horses

  • Rouleaux Formation: While rouleaux formation can occur in horses, it is often a transient phenomenon that can be influenced by several factors, including inflammation, infection, or certain diseases. It’s not uniquely associated with microwave exposure.
  • Blood Clotting and Heart Attacks: Heart attacks (myocardial infarction) are relatively rare in horses compared to humans. Blood clotting issues in horses can arise from various causes, including infections, certain diseases, and severe dehydration, but there’s no established link to microwave exposure.


The health and welfare of racehorses are subjects of significant concern, with ongoing efforts to improve safety and care in the racing industry. While it’s crucial to investigate and understand the causes of racehorse deaths to prevent them, there is currently no evidence to link these incidents to microwave exposure or to suggest that such exposure causes blood poisoning, rouleaux formation, or heart attacks in horses. Concerns about the health effects of microwave radiation and other environmental factors on humans and animals are valid areas of scientific inquiry, but conclusions must be drawn from well-conducted research and established scientific evidence.

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